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Guide to convert scratch project to .exe

What you need:

  • a scratch project(.sb .sb2 .sb3)
  • NWJS sdk
  • htmlifier tool

NWJS 0.44.1 downloads




No mac-x86



NOTE|linux is .tar.gz other is .zip


China too slow?click me!


1.Download NWJS by follow link.

2.go to htmlifier:

my link:

other link:


img1 your project(ID: 310161394(ID) / or upload).

II.Select the title of the window(see down/project name) and the username block value.


III.choose your options

options turn on will..
show fullscreen button? enable fullscreen button
enable turbo mode? enable turbo mode
use custom variable/list color? change color of variables and lists
Load progress indicator? Load progress indicator
Enable compatibility mode? set highest FPS to 30(else:60)
Does this project use a custom size? custom window size
Cloud variable source set cloud variable source "HTMlify"

4.Download file and move into NWJS folder.

5.Create package.json:

  "name": "your_window_default_title",
  "main": "your_html_file_name.html"

6.Execute nw.exe and run!

Advanced option--compile into a single file.

Use makesfx.exe(search on google) to pack them into a single .exe

Download at:


1.set your NWJS folder.

2.set your output .exe.

NOTE: Please mark the temp file option to this: "Delete extracted files immediately when SFX has finished executing". Or it will cause problems.

3.set your nw.exe in your folder.

4.clickMake SFX.

If you have any problem,please create an issue.